November 21st, 2010


[COSPLAY] Espada

Hey guys! We did a photoshoot recently for our Espada cosplays. We did both the original white uniforms as well as casual versions. We made the uniforms over a year ago, but didn't get the chance to do a proper shoot until last waeek :( It's been tough to organize so we probably all look a bit tired in the photos haha. But I hope you enjoy!

I'm posting these here because there are quite a few shots of our Grimmjow that guys might like lol ;P

Harmony/myself as Neliel | bubblefire as Orihime | rayfy_chan as Ulquiorra | t8_steve as Grimmjow | athira as Cirucci
Photography by Bubby, PlaneswalkerLX and ceestar

Click here to see the rest of the photos

Thanks for looking,
~ Harmony